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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Karachi Pakistan

Top 10 Places to Visit in Karachi:

Karachi is a city of lightning and a major city of Pakistan. The city of Karachi is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. The place is full of rush hour in the day and its full of lighting in the night. the people are helpful, and the places here are the places within this city are much beautiful and some of the places are must visit places which reflects the culture history and as well as the entertainment of the city.
Some of the places are given below which a visitor must visit.

Mazar- E-Quaid:
The Mazar e quaid Is the landmark of Karachi. The place is the tomb of the great Quaid-e-Azam who is the founder of Pakistan. The Mazar-e-Quaid owes a great importance not just only in Karachi, but also all over the Pakistan. The Mazar-e-Quaid is the final resting place of the great Mohammed Ali Jinnah, and it was completed in 1960. The glowing tomb of the place can be seen from miles away, especially in night time. The concept of the tomb was given by the Indian architect, Yahya Merchant. The Tomb is a must visit place is Karachi.

Mohatta Palace:
One of the best places to visit in Karachi is the Mohatta palace. (the qasr-e-Fatima). The mohatta palace is a museum which shows the culture and tradition of Pakistan. The gardens around the palace are so well maintained. The building and the interiors of mohatta palace shows great contribution towards the culture and tradition of Pakistan. One may enjoy looking at the doors, the ceiling, and the tiles of the palace. The Mohatta Palace consists of more than 400 objects which were put on display. The Mohatta palace is a beautiful, adorable yet a magnificent building to visit in Karachi. The place reflects the cuture of Pakistan. One must give this place a visit.

The Atrium Mall:
The atrium mall is basically a shopping centre. And also it is a cinema Hall. Movies from all around the world are schedule in the Atrium cinemas. The place is full of entertainment. The movie theatre rooms are kept small so that if anyone is not so lucky with the movie then there are others things to do in the Mall. One can do standardized shopping or can eat food in the food court, or can just hang around in the Mall. The place is centrally Air conditioned and has so much to do in it. One must visit the Atrium Mall while having a visit to Karachi.

Bin Qasim Park:
The Bagh e Ibn-e-Qasim or Bin Qasim Park in Karachi is the largest park not just in Pakistan but also in the South Asia, located in the area of Clifton. The Bin Qasim Park is very well maintained and is located in Prime location along with the sea coast. One can enjoy great and fresh morning walk, or have some relaxing time enjoying the cool sea breeze. The place is highly family friendly, and also pockets friendly too. The ones who don’t want to spend time and money in roaming in the shopping malls or other places can enjoy their time in the Bin Qasim Park.

Sea View:
The Sea View or Clifton beach is the main coastal area or Karachi where people visit and spend their time in having some relaxation along with their families and kids. the place owes a very beautiful scenario. One who wants to see some great sunrise or sunset along with driving or walking along the sea coast, then Sea view or the Clifton beach is the place to be. But still the beach needs some improvements in the cleanliness. Though the place is very good for leisure time. One should definitely give it a visit.

Karachi Port:
The Karachi Port is one of The biggest port not just of Karachi but also in South East Asia. The Karachi Port is situated close to the main district and several industrial areas and is located in between the Kemari town and Sadar, and handles about 60% of the Pakistan’s cargo. The Karachi port is also one of the great places to visit in Karachi if one wants to have information about the cargo handling in Karachi.

National Museum of Pakistan:
The National Museum Of Pakistan is one of the worth seeing places of Karachi. The place owes a world of Pakistanis culture, arts and crafts especially the King Priest from Moen jo Daro is kept in the national museum. The place is not very well maintained but if one wants to know about the history and culture of Pakistan the National Museum is definitely the place to visit.

The Empress Market:
The empress market is one of the oldest buildings of Karachi and is located in sadder town. The building is one of the major market place in Karachi and has a big clock in the tower of the building. The empress market was constructed between 1889 and 1889. The place now day is one of the historical spots and is a very busy location in Karachi.

University Of Karachi:
The University of Karachi is a public university located in Karachi. The Karachi University owes a campus population of more than 24,000 students and is one of the largest universities in Asia according to the area. People from all around the world come and have education in the University of Karachi. This is one of the places that a person should definitely see in Karachi.

French Beach:
French beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Karachi. The place is full of blue water with golden sand scenario and is definitely a place of beauty. Once a person visits the place, he definitely does not wants to go back home from here. It can be said that French beach is a paradise in Karachi. Must visit picnic point of Karachi.

Karachi is a place where so many things are going around simultaneously. One should definitely give it a visit and the places here are worth seeing and visiting. So Karachi is a place where one can spend a nice relaxing and fun full time.

Reviews & Comments:
I never seen like a karachi city . and there people also very lovely and peace full
TALHA.M - karachi Mon 19 Oct, 2015
you should try Khanji As well. Its best for desi foods and bbq. Also the atmosphere is awesome plus the truck art is icing on the cake.
Ahsan - Karachi Sat 05 Sep, 2015
Karachi is not the most important city of just pakistan but it has major importance for all over the the past the karachi was considered as the mother of unemployed person.80% share of whole pak economy is belong to is reallay a beautifull city.
shoukat - attock Sat 06 Jun, 2015
amna.noor - karachi Tue 09 Dec, 2014
i am syed aryan ali shah i to much like karachi city i love karachi pak sar zameen i am very happy i am pakistani boy and me clifton beach, really a must visit place i to much like karachi
Syed Aryan Ali Shah - karachi Mon 04 Aug, 2014
I need single room for dating
Rizwan Memon - Karachi Sat 26 Jul, 2014
If you ever been to Karachi and don't visit Karachi Water sports club. You actually never been there then. They take tours to Churna Island natural marine park and other islands around the cost line. You can take further details from 03111 882 442.
Ismail Kodvavi - karachi Thu 13 Mar, 2014
karachi is one of the most beautiful place to visit so guyz try it
sarfraz khan - sukkur Tue 21 Jan, 2014
MAHAM - KARACHI Mon 30 Dec, 2013
i think karachi is the biggest city in the world and economics and trading city there are many people works here and came to the villiges.there are many historical places national measum and the tomb of quadi-e-azam really i lot of enjoy in this city and many beautiful places sea side i love this place and many shopping malls dollmen mall, forum look like a dubai short this is very beautiful city. tehmina mukhtar karachi.
tehmina - karachi Sat 28 Dec, 2013
v nyc intrsting to know all about it...
sidra zafar - karachi Thu 24 Oct, 2013
Visit clifton beach, really a must visit place. I have seen my fair share of the world, but the sunset and evenings at Clifton are very hard to beat if not impossible altogether. The long beach offers unparalleled views of Karachi's shore line as well as an exciting and amazing array of food outlets. With the addition of flood lights the nights at the beach it has become an 18 hour beach. With a little attention, it can become a very good swimming beach.
Lakhani - Dubai Thu 03 Oct, 2013
I think there are more places to see in karachi which are not listed here. Karachi is not a small city, its huge in terms of population and land area. being a citizen of karachi i love this place more than any place. Thanks for this anyway.
Haroon - Karachi Wed 11 Sep, 2013
I luv karachi, agr hmare hath hota to men karachi ko kisi city se compare nhn krta, or world trade centre b khi mn bnata, karachi is our heart.
Afzal Ali - Sukkur Sun 08 Sep, 2013
Been to karachi last year in summer to attend a cousin's wedding... i went for shopping to Dolmen mall it had alot of variety in clothings and the food court was awesome. i also visited Port Grand for the party which was given by my uncle to whole relatives, I will rate Port Grand as the TOP tourist destination of Karachi. There is so much to do here, one can enjoy scenic views of Karachi harbor or eat at one of so many trendy restaurants here. You can also shop, watch movie or take a boat ride to the sea. Concerts and events also regularly held here.
Zubair - London Fri 30 Aug, 2013
Karachi is a beautiful city and I think one of the biggest Islamic cities in the world and there's people follow Islam and good human being. so vist karachi and love karahci
raheel - karachi Tue 20 Aug, 2013
Been to awesome places like PAF museums, Good time pass, lust green garden park , with a small amusement park area for kids. Information on war planes and other planes used be Pakistan airforce thru out time.Also visited Atrium Mall, it has all the major local designer brands as well as some international ones. A one stop shop with a great attraction: the cinema! 4 screens, good seats, great popcorn and nachos and very clean.
Sikandar - Dubai Tue 13 Aug, 2013
I have visited here a few times now and it is always my first choice when I head to Pakistan. From the gorgeous layout of the hotel to the central location, it can't be faulted.I visit many places like sea side, water parks though they need to maintain cleanliness, huge malls and lot more places in Khi.
Shawny - New York City Mon 29 Jul, 2013
I have visited here a few times now and it is always my first choice when I head to Pakistan. From the gorgeous layout of the hotel to the central location, it can't be faulted.I visit many places like sea side, water parks though they need to maintain cleanliness, huge malls and lot more places in Khi.
Shawny - New York City Mon 29 Jul, 2013
I guarantee people you wont get tired of anything in Karachi. Totally a fun loving place. I am here in ramadan and still enjoying my trip. Eating buffet dinners at iftaar, Visiting new shopping malls.
Zia Kamran - Riyadh Thu 18 Jul, 2013
Karachi is not the most important city of just pakistan but it has major importance for all over the the past the karachi was considered as the mother of unemployed person.80% share of whole pak economy is belong to is reallay a beautifull city.
Safeer jumas - Bagh,Azad kashmir Wed 17 Jul, 2013
My trip to Karachi was way back in 2009 after Pakistan won T20 Worldcup every where was celebration and dancing people. i received happiness from each and every Karachite. Went to sea view there was alot of traffic mostly on bikes. Had an amazing day infact amazing week.
Mujtaba - Tehran Tue 09 Jul, 2013
They are just rumors about Karachi that there is terrorism. Might be but not in the area where I lived. I liked it there very very very much. Those moments were the best moments of my life. There were lots of attractions in the city. I like it!
N. Ahmed - Edmonton Thu 04 Jul, 2013
Couple of things to share but time is running ... My trip to karachi was good now looking to settle down there. Too many development and construction in recent years. Malls, Restaurants and places are delighting to eyes. Paf museum is renovated and now more room for people.
Habib Khan - Kuwait Thu 04 Jul, 2013
Can not rate any top 10 top of the list plenty of choices in Karachi for youngsters to enjoy .. Alot of picnic points.. Desi andd fast food restaurants... Multiplexes ... Malls. So over all Karachi is great place.
Hamza Khan - Jeddah Fri 28 Jun, 2013
My Trip to Karachi is filled with excitment as my friends are with me all the time they took me to the beach as we organiseda picnic. The hawks bay beach was good fun. later the movie night. Paf museum trip with family was fun now it has changed and the museum is good place. Karachi is good place for food lovers plenty of variety on streets with great taste.
Zaheer - Jeddah Mon 24 Jun, 2013
the place is same as describe in above write up but when you will reach its more than that. despite few places which you should avoid . i think Karachi has too many sight seeing features. i'm currently at my hotel using internet and i m loving each bit of this city.
Mansoor Khan - Dubai Tue 18 Jun, 2013
I'll put Khi on my favorite destinations. Very nice scenic beauty... Sea view french beach Hawks Bay. Port grand food street is nice and exceptional place very tasty food and buffet restaurants. Lal qila has nice buffet.
Shahab Tariq - Islamabad Thu 13 Jun, 2013
Alot has changed since the last time i came here. Developed alot but still developing ppl need to learn traffic rules. Seaview is amazing place with good cafes there to enjoy light meal and enjoy picnic. Sceen and cineplexes are showing bollywood films which i think is not good but people are entertained with the movies. Too many amazing restaurants.. recently nandos has also opened. i did shopping in Hyper star beautiful place it was. Bar B Q tonight is a good restaurant as well. Looking fwd to my next trip in Karachi
Babar - Riyadh Sat 08 Jun, 2013
First thing i asked my relatives was to take me french beach ... it was so hot we all family enjoyed there alot. the same day than went to port grand it was exceptional place to see in Karachi. Traffic has increased alot but city is changed too much.. went Dolmet city mall and Hyper star and had a feel like im in Dubai. beautiful places. i miss the life of Karachi. Alot has changed since the first time i visited there now its totally fun loving place.
Shahzaib Iqbal - Doha Thu 06 Jun, 2013
Karachi is not the same what i seen back in 2004. I was born and brought up in London but im Pakistani origin..It was my 2nd visit to karachi first was in 2004. Now Karachi has changed alot too much development.. roads underpasses fly over. Amazing restaurants. huge theatres for fun and entertainment. I went to see many places in the evening as it was pretty hot in afternoon. my relatives took me to sea view and than we had a nice bar be que from the local restaurant. Karachi is surely "city of lights".
Junaid Kiyani - London Tue 04 Jun, 2013
what i hearb about Karachi and its severe condition was a wrong perception about this city. i liked it alot i came from Lahore to meet my old friend. he took me to French beach in the afternoon afterwards in eve we got hngry than decided to go to beach restaurant. we had dinner there at Sajjad restaurant food was amazing it costly but tasty. we went to watch a 3d movie in Karachi Atrium Mall i really enjoyed it than we went to port grand very epic food street. i also had a chance to visit Mazar e qaid. i'm looking forward to go Karachi in near future.
Farhan - Lahore Fri 31 May, 2013
I love to be a citizen of Karachi, largest economical hub and the city of lights of Pakistan who never sleeps, thanks for sharing this beautiful article containing beautiful information regarding this city. I assure you guys, you will never get bored lining in Karachi, got lots of fun here with lots of places to explore. If anybody asks me choose one place from list above I would go with French beach, because it is the most beautiful and romantic place in Karachi, I have to there several times with my wife and truly enjoyed it, also attended numerous events and parties at this sea shore. I would suggest you that if you live in Karachi or came from another place, do visit it, it’s truly fantastic.
Ahmed Raza - Karachi Mon 18 Mar, 2013
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